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Updated 4th November 2005.

The web pages you see here are being slowly moved over to my blog, On the Edge of Occam's Razor.

No new news will be reported here!

Little happening software-wise; our new son Thomas will take up all my spare time...

But when he's asleep, and I have a few moments to spare, I'll usually be found tinkering with the Mindreader Decription project.

The Mindreader brute-force A, a, I, i scan is almost ready to go live - once I'm on broadband and have a separate system configured as the keyserver. I'm looking for mathematicians and cryptanalysts to help unravel the code.... please get in touch if you're strong on maths, esp. number theory, modular arithmetic, and discrete maths. I'm writing up some introductory pages on the problems.

Updated 16th March 2003.

This website is moving to in April. Please update your bookmarks. As of March 2003, I have moved several older projects to the crypt, and won't be answering mail on them now. See the top of the page for the list of active projects.

Updated 30th December 2002.

Little happening software-wise; our new daughter Hannah will take up all my spare time...

Updated 8th October 2002.

scope, the serial line analyser has received a patch to add the one-port option, autoconfiscation, and more. Thanks to Warren Young.

Egad, the last update here was 20th Feb 2002.

Updated 20th Feb 2002.

scope, the serial line analyser has received a patch to enable builds on Intel Linux, esp. RH7.x, thanks to Grant Edwards.

Egad, the last update here was 18th Jul 2000!

plptools latest patches to 0.6 are now available, but are not fully tested. (NB: plptools is in the crypt; I'm not working on it any more)

WebMacro 0.03 is now available! The first update for some time, it now does lots more - indexes, embedded perl scripts, general-purpose tables. See the WebMacro page for full details. Microsoft Word, I'm after your market share...

I also have the latest version of QtGantt for you - this is a basic project management tool, which generates Gantt charts. It isn't a finished application like Microsoft Project just yet, but with some more work, I'll be after another bit of Microsoft's pie...

I've added a page for Amateur Radio Projects, for now, just links to my Morse training package for Linux.

You can read about the saga of my EPOC projects on my EPOC Main Page. Currently, my active projects are (in the order I've been working on them): (NB: these are all in the crypt now)


  • Several projects that don't have pages yet: The Writing Project, which I won't say much about yet... Psion Series 5 Emulator for Linux, which is... basically, what it says: an emulation of the Series 5 hardware, on Linux (and other UNIX). PLEASE don't mail me about these yet; they'll appear here when they're ready.
  • I received my first patch from a user of WebMacro, so I'll be updating this Real Soon Now.
  • Work on plptools, adding the RFSV16 support back in, investigating proxies. My patches have gone in to Fritz now, so this page is mainly out of date.
  • ncpscope, a simple Linux-based PLP/NCP/RFSV Protocol Analyser
  • scope, a simple Linux Serial Line Analyser
  • net2tty, a network to RS-232 bridge program.
As of January 2000, I've stopped developing for SIBO. See The Crypt for the decomposing stuff...

9th December 1999: I've been looking at the Series 5 as a platform for development, and dropping the Series 3 (or at least, not doing so much for it). Particularly, I'd like to get hForth running on it....

I also released .img tools at last, in its own little package.

I have a couple of patches outstanding on plptools; I'll try to get them merged in, and I'll ship the whole lot off to Fritz - I won't be able to work on this for a while.

The basic plan for the NCP software is to get it to a stage where I have implememted a NCP-TCP/IP bridge, then get back to work on my Psion Email Client, getting it to synchronise with Linux Netscape.

23rd September 1999 added the plptools and net2tty pages. Started discussing proxying (a.k.a. bridging) on linux-psion mailing list with Pete Bentley - expect something experimental sometime soon.

15th September 1999: ncpscope is now a separate package in its own right.

13th September 1999: scope is now a separate package in its own right. plptools RFSV16 support is progressing well.

18th August 1999: no great changes, slight reorganisation of the site. Added the Crypt page to hold all my old projects.

I'm currently retrofitting RFSV16 support to Fritz Elfert's plptools. Details will be on the NCP page when it's finished.

19th July 1999: slight updates to the sibo-linux page, released Penguin. I'm not doing any more on my NCP software, I'd like to extend Philip Proudman and Fritz Elfert's code though...

PsiStack and the bcc compiler have been abandoned - until I get a significant amount of spare time.

22nd April 1999: Updated the Psion hForth page.

February 1st 1999: Released linux-ncp-0.01, including scope (serial line analyser) and ncpscope (PLP/NCP/RFSV/LINK protocol analyser)

January 12th 1999: Released webmacro 0.02.

In between... got married - had lots of other more important, interesting things to do... Did more work on PsiStack, but nothing that's releasable yet.

August 2nd 1998: Released PsiStack 0.06. Just so the new email client gets out, and receives a bit of exposure more than anything else. There's more of the TCP layer, but it's still some way off. Still need people brave enough to attempt an OPL interface to the stack.... This is a massively-alpha release - I decided to release on a whim, so it might not all be there...

July 29th: Email client coming along nicely, released Penguin. Started looking into stacking device drivers, userfs drivers on Linux, for NCP.

July 15th: Started collecting information on the Psion NCP protocol, in order to write a Linux device driver allowing transparent filesystem-like access to your Psion from a Linux box. Details are here.

Also, we have the beginnings of an Email client and a telnet client for PsiStack. TCP is coming along nicely. The next release is due out at the end of October. We need programmers conversant with IPC messaging in OPL to help write the OPL interface to PsiStack. Can you help?

June 19th: Released the WebMacro HTML macro expander.

June 17th: Published more info about the sibo-linux project, including mailing list info. I'm also working on PsiStack's TCP layer (slowly).

April 17th: Released PsiStack 0.05, available from these pages, until I can put them on Al's server. See the PsiStack home page for more details.

March: Completely revamped the homepages, they're now all written in "HTML+", which is standard HTML, processed with my WebMacro macro package. They're automatically uploaded to the Demon homepages server whenever I change them, using my Home Page Synchroniser.

PsiStack: The GUI is now a separate process, as is the database manager (although this doesn't do anything yet - the configuration files are still custom binary format, handled by each application). Removed the second network interface, so there's only one now. Makes everything faster, and the code cleaner. There's now a basic software development kit, although the sockets layer is still not there. Patrick has done more on PPP. There are far more changes than I can mention here - join our mailing lists, and download it!

SIBO-Linux: from the stunt programming dept., an investigation into porting the Linux operating System to Psion's SIBO platform. Just for sheer hack value, you understand. Psion 3c owners are feeling left out, since the PalmPilot owners got there first.

Psion-bcc: Psion Software have graciously granted us permission to redistribute the header files to the SIBO C SDK with the psion-bcc SDK. See the Psion-bcc page for more details... I'm hoping to pick this up again soon, and work with the 16-bit patches to gcc.

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