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Page notes

Updated 22nd December 2006: Please note that this page has not been updated fully in several years; In an attempt to continue it, and revitalise my research into our family history, it is being replaced with a Weblog - or blog, for short - with which all Gumbley family members interested in our history can contribute.

Please Visit "The Gumbley Family History Blog"

To contribute, please read this introductory article and start recording your history today!

This page is very much unfinished.

  • Corrected a few mistakes; Added my second and third children.
  • Started section about the Australian side of the family.


Welcome to the Gumbley Family History page on the World-Wide Web!

This web page is an attempt at publishing the research done into the Gumbley family history by John Gumbley and Harold Gumbley of Staffordshire, England. The web page is maintained by Matthew James Gumbley of Kent (formerly Newcastle-under-Lyme), England. Any mistakes are probably Matt's, not John's!

John's research was mainly conducted with the help of the Family History Library, in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. This is run by the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), who kindly collate and publish parish records from all over the world on microfiche. (Matt's note: they may have a web site, and their databases may be available online; I haven't checked yet)

Parish records only go back so far - the earliest date we have is 1564. (although the details of that haven't made it to this page yet)

Several times during this research, guesses have had to be made, involving family members moving, getting married, remarried, having children and dying. Wherever possible, John has tried to match people he has found, when data has not been sufficient to link people with complete accuracy.

This research follows the males of the Gumbley family, i.e. the family name. Any insights into the female side are also gratefully received!


Are you a Gumbley, Gumley, Gumbly or similar? Do you know one? If so, please get in touch - we'd like to add whatever information you have to this web page. Please contact Matt for more information.

Also, if you're planning on having children, don't call them Henry, Thomas or Joseph! Future Gumbley geneologists will get very confused if you do! (Only kidding; my own son is called Thomas!)

Alleged family crest

Harold Gumbley discovered that we have a family crest, although its authenticity is dubious!

Burke's Peerage World List of Gumbleys

Harold also obtained a copy of "The Burke's Peerage World Book of Gumbleys" - a compilation of the addresses of many of us worldwide. Matt currently has this - if you would like him to search for a particular Gumbley (or verify your entry), please email him.

This book contains general information about geneology, a table of statistics about our worldwide distribution, and then the directory.

Origins of the Gumbley family

Years ago, people took their surname from their place of birth, or profession. It's quite possible that we started out in the village of Gumley, near Market Harborough, Northamptonshire. (See map reference A13 below). Several Gumleys discovered in the course of this research hail from Hillmorton (B12, near Rugby), Mancetter (A10, near Nuneaton), and Hinckley (A11).

[map image to go here]

Matt has applied for permission to reproduce a section of a map, found on pages 90-91 of "The Automobile Association / Ordnance Survey Illustrated Atlas of Victorian and Edwardian Britain". ISBN 0-7495-0250-9. He is awaiting a reply.

Geographical dispersal of the Gumbleys

According to the Burke's Peerage book (which seems incomplete), we are spread thusly (only countries which are listed as having Gumbleys are listed):

Country Total estimated households Total households in registry Total estimated population No. of countries, states, territories or provinces where households reside Most populous county, state, territory, kanton or province
United States 11 8 24 5 Rhode Island
Canada 67 48 147 3 Ontario
Australia 24 17 53 2 New South Wales
New Zealand 28 20 62 2 North Island
Great Britain 280 200 700 27 West Midlands
Ireland 4 3 10 1 Cavan

Matt has been visible on the Internet since October 1992. Since then, he has received email from around the world from various Gumbleys. The above table indicates that most of us are located in Great Britain, although he has contacts in the Isle of Man (originating from Birmingham), Canada, and Australia.

Australian branch

John Gumbley (an Australian, in the UK) has sent the following information:

"... all the Gumbleys in Australia are related .. some more distantly than others. Funny thing is my Dad (the oldest in his family born in 1921) is called Harold Francis. Apparently, Harold and Francis were family names. My brother is Paul Francis and I'm John James (apparently James was another family name). Now here's what I can recall about our distant past in Oz :

All the family were butchers, stretching back to my great grandfather's day. The great grandaddy made a lot of money out of his butcher's shop in Sydney and apparently was big into horse racing. He helped set up Randwick Racecourse which is the biggest and oldest in Australia. The trail runs cold pre- the great grandfather's day but when I next speak to Dad I'll ask him for more details. It would be great to be able to tell them about their Pommie roots."

Can anyone else provide more information on the Australian branch of the family? When did the first Gumbley move down under?

Chronological history of the Gumbley Family


Thomas Gumbley marries Sarah Pemberton. They have children: Thomas, Joseph, Sarah, Henry, and Mary.

21st Oct. 1783

Henry Gumbley born to Thomas and Sarah Pemberton.

15th Feb. 1821

Henry Gumbley married Sarah Cooper at St. Giles Church, Newcastle. Henry was a feltmaker by trade. Sarah Cooper was the daughter of John Cooper, also a feltmaker. Hatmaking was a large industry in Newcastle. Henry was 37 and Sarah (who couldn't write) was 25.

13th May 1821

Thomas Gumbley was born to Henry & Sarah, and baptised at St. Ebeneezer Church, Newcastle.

18th April 1927

Joseph born to Henry and Sarah.

June 1844

Thomas married Mary at the age of 23.

30th March 1851

A census showed Henry and Sarah living at 19 London Road (Newcastle), together with Jane Blount (aged 16, a servant girl). Henry was 67, Sarah, 55.

4th Oct 1865

Joseph born to Thomas and Mary. Thomas was 38 years old.


Thomas and Mary living at 74 London Road. Thomas was a labourer at a sugar refinery close to the convent in Refinery Street off London Road. The Boat and Horse public house adjacent was the end (terminus) of the Stoke-Newcastle Canal.
Note: Around 1992, Matt used to work as a software engineer at a software house next to the Boat & Horse pub. The convent is still there, but there's no refinery to be seen...

Dec. 1887

Joseph (son of Thomas and Mary) married Mary Downs. Joseph was 22, Mary was possibly 24. Thomas his father was 66. They have children: Nellie Owen, Annie and Joseph Henry.

March 1895

Joseph (son of Thomas and Mary) marries for the second time, this time to Emily Whittaker. He is listed in John's notes as living at 27 Ashfields Road. They have children: Harold, Lenard, Florrie, Elsie, Emily, Arthur Reg, Fred, Frank and Alex Melvile.


Harold born to Joseph and Emily Whittaker.


Harold marries Ellen. They have children: Harold, Jean, Peter, John.


Peter born to Harold and Ellen.


Jean born to Harold and Ellen. Jean has a huge family tree all to herself, but since none of them are technically Gumbleys, they haven't made it in here yet.


John born to Harold and Ellen.

4th November 1929

Harold born to Harold and Ellen.

23rd March 1967

Harold and Dorothy Titterton marry.

4:30am, 22nd February 1969

Matthew born to Harold and Dorothy, at North Staffs. Maternity Unit. 3lb 2oz.

6th April 1989

Dorothy dies.

16th November 1990

Harold marries Vera.

12th September 1998

Matt marries Angela.

13th November 2000

Natasha born to Matt and Angela.

27th December 2002

Hannah born to Matt and Angela.

22nd September 2004

Thomas born to Matt and Angela.

Cast of Characters

Links are shown to ancestors or descendants either on the basis that they are perpetuating the family name. This list is probably not complete!

The earliest Gumbley we have found is Thomas. The responsibility of carrying on this strain of the family name rests with Paul and Matt. Paul has children; Matt has three: Natasha, Hannah and Thomas.

Angela Margaret Gumbley

Children: Natasha, Hannah and Thomas

Dorothy Irene Gumbley (nee Titterton)

21st February 1929-6th April 1989
Children: Matt
Husband: Harold

Hannah Ruth Gumbley

Parents: Matt, Angela

Harold Gumbley

Wife: Ellen
Children: Harold, Jean, Peter, John

Harold Gumbley

4 Nov 1928-17 Apr 2000
Siblings: John, Peter, Jean.
Wives: Dorothy. Married Vera after Dorothy's death.
Child by Dorothy: Matt.

Henry Gumbley

Wife: Sarah.
Children: Thomas, Joseph.

John Gumbley

Siblings: Harold, Peter, Jean.
Children: Nicola.
Wife: Kath.

Joseph Gumbley

18th April 1827-xxxx
Siblings: Thomas.
Parents: Henry, Sarah.

Joseph Gumbley

4th Oct 1865-23rd November 1929
Parents: Thomas, Mary.
Wives: Mary Downs, Emily Whittaker.
Children by Mary: Nellie Owen, Annie, Joseph Henry.
Children by Emily: Harold, Lenard, Florrie, Elsie, Emily, Arthur Reg, Fred, Frank and Alex Melvile.

Mary Gumbley (nee ?)

Husband: Thomas.

Matthew James Gumbley

Parents: Harold, Dorothy.
Contact: See this page for contact details.

Natasha Lauren Gumbley

Parents: Matt, Angela

Paul Gumbley

Parents: Peter, Doreen.
Children: xxxx

Peter Gumbley

Siblings: Harold, John, Jean.
Children: Paul, Linda, Marie.
Wife: Doreen.

Sarah Gumbley (nee Cooper)

Children: Thomas.
Husband: Henry.

Thomas Edward Gumbley

Parents: Matt, Angela

Thomas Gumbley

Wife: Sarah Pemberton.
Children: Thomas, Joseph, Sarah, Henry and Mary.

Thomas Gumbley

13th May 1821-xxxx
Siblings: Joseph.
Parents: Henry, Sarah.

Family Tree

To be drawn...
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