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Updated Mon Dec 30 22:03:55 2002

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Matt J. Gumbley - http://www.gumbley.demon.co.uk



QtGantt is a tool for producing Gantt charts under Linux/UNIX. It requires the Qt 2.2 toolkit.

Table Of Contents

1 QtGantt

Gantt schematic drawing tool for GNU/Linux
Originally by Gunnstein Lye, currently developed by the gantt-devel team.

1.1 News

07/10/00 Still working on 0.0.8. You may download the latest development code here, around 70kb. Since I am now developing all dialogs with Qt Designer, and some aspects of the generated code require features I believe are only found in Qt 2.1, this forces us to upgrade to 2.2, which is the latest from Troll Tech. The inconvenience caused by this is far outweighed with the excellent dialogs creatable with Qt Designer. Sorry about this! I've also added Mark Jackson's date picker widget to the code, so editing dates is now a little easier, although one must remember to use the American date format mm/dd/yyyy for now.

Oh and by the way, QtGantt now saves your files. About time too!

I need to make all of QtGantt aware of different date formats - if you use a date format in your country that is not shown on the Options dialog, please let me know, and I'll add support for it.

15/09/00 Released 0.0.7. I have moved to Qt 2.1, and 2.2, although I'm having layout problems with 2.2 (scroll bar and spin control do not appear properly). Qt 2.1 still generates warnings about layout. Could the Qt experts look over the code?

I have merged patches from Conny Andersson), Greg Scott and Olivier Berrod.

17/07/00 No new release yet, since I started moving to Qt 2.1.1. This is reporting strange layout problems that I haven't been able to sort out yet. When it's solved, I'll release 0.0.7 - note that from 0.0.7 onwards, I'll only be supporting Qt 2.1.1, and ignoring Qt 1.44. Hopefully, QtGantt will still build under 1.44, and I may even use #ifdefs around the parts that don't work properly on that version of Qt.

02/06/00 Released 0.0.6, see below for download details. Not much has changed functionally, but the user interface now looks a little more "Windows-like", with a toolbar, and tab bar at the bottom. The tab bar (and the corresponding entries in the View menu) allow you to switch between several project views, only one of which works (the usual project Gantt view). The "Experimental Gantt View" is the way we'll see and work with tasks in future releases, and isn't anywhere near finished. It's more like the MS Project task table / splitter / Gantt chart. The calendar view (again, unwritten) is destined to be a calendar showing all tasks laid out.

I won't be doing any more on QtGantt for a couple of weeks; when I get back to it, I'll make the Experimental Gantt View the default, and finish it - QtGantt will then be a proper project editor. I'll add the save routine as well. That should then mean we don't have to edit the files by hand (although I'll retain the refresh option, should you want to do it that way).

25/05/00 Released 0.0.5. This version adds no new functionality, but is a rewrite of the core code, to split the application into Model/View/Controller, which should make it easier to work with when we go to the "full editor" (think Microsoft Project)

10/05/00 Released 0.0.4.

02/05/00 We now have a development mailing list, thanks to Andrew and Paul at Newton Solutions. To subscribe, send mail to majordomo at geekstuff dot co dot uk, with the body of your mail containing subscribe gantt-devel. (To then send mail to the list, send to gantt-devel at geekstuff dot co dot uk. )

Note: this page is evolving from a copy of Gunnstein Lye's page, located here - Gunnstein is no longer developing QtGantt, so check here as new versions of QtGantt are released. The links below will download from Matt Gumbley's site.

2 Download QtGantt

Matt's latest releases...
  • Version 0.0.7 (36k) qtgantt-0.0.7.tar.gz including sample input files. Please read the README, TODO and ChangeLog.
Matt's earlier releases... Gunnstein's earlier releases...
  • Screenshot: (42k) qtgantt.jpg (Month names have been translated in v. 0.0.3)
  • Makefile for Solaris: Makefile.solaris. To compile you need to make the constants in qtgantt.h global, this is shown in qtgantt.h.global. Thanks to Tom Brusehaver for porting QtGantt to Solaris. (These files have not been tested by me.)
  • Unstable source: (14k) qtgantt-0.0.3.tar.gz (including a sample input file)
    Translated month names and tried to implement page division. The latter was not very successful, so use version 0.0.2 if you want something that works. This release is now considered unstable. (as of 07.02.2000)
  • Stable source: (14k) qtgantt-0.0.2.tar.gz (including a sample input file)
    With a minor bug fix
  • Stable source: (14k) qtgantt-0.0.1.tar.gz (including a sample input file)

3 How to submit patches/bug reports

If you patch QtGantt to provide some new functionality, please send patches and bug reports to the development mailing list, gantt-devel (at) geekstuff (dot) co (dot) uk.

Patches should be sent in unified diff form, against the LATEST release. So if you have an original tree of QtGantt in the qtgantt-0.0.x directory, and your version in the qtgantt-0.0.x-mine, the following will gerenate a suitable patch:

  cd (directory above your two trees)
  diff -N -b -u3 -r qtgantt-0.0.x qtgantt-0.0.x-mine > mine-0.0.x.diff
  gzip mine-0.0.x.diff
Please send them as attachments, not inline. Also please do not send HTML email to the mailing list.

If you want to make a MAJOR change, please contact the development list to discuss it BEFORE you go ahead! I have ideas of how I'd like certain things to be done.... of course, you can disagree with me if you like!

4 About QtGantt

QtGantt parses a text file and draws a Gantt schematic based on it. The format of this file is simple, and is described in the documentation that is contained in the QtGantt release.

Matt's goal is to make it a useable alternative to MS Project 98, that does the essentials of project management. MS Project is a fine product, and it'd take many years to match it in functionality - so I'm not trying: I just need a basic tool that does Gantt (and later, PERT) charts, and calendar management. See Twiddlebit Software's Plan to get a feel for what I'd like to aim for.

I (Gunnstein) wrote it because I, being a member of the kBackpage project, refuse to use any Micro$oft product in my work, and because I couldn't find a decent Linux program to do the job.

The program is of course distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Warning: The original code was put together during 4-5 sleepless days and nights, and thus is completely incomprehensible for anyone but me, probably full of bugs (though it seems to work) and not the fastest thing in the world. I have put in some comments that might help the ones who are brave enough to try to improve the code.

5 Software Requirements

To compile and run the program you will need:

  • Linux/Unix (or any system that runs X11/Qt)
  • X11
  • Qt 2.1 or thereabouts (we no longer support Qt 1.x)

5.1 Building QtGantt

Building should simply be a matter of running 'make'. You should then have a 'qtgantt' executable, which you can run. Now read the README file....

6 Bugs / Known problems / Wishlist

    For more information, see the WishList and TODO file contained in the program distribution.

    7 Thanks to

    • Gunnstein Lye, for writing earlier versions of the QtGantt program.
    • Frederik and Sigurd for technical and moral support
    • Eljar and Kai for immoral support
    • TrollTech for Qt
    • All major contributors are listed in the README file. Many thanks for your efforts!

    Matt J. Gumbley - matt <at> gumbley <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk