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net2tty - simple network to RS-232 bridge

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction

net2tty is a program that takes data from a TCP service on a TCP/IP network, and sends the output of that service to a serial port. It takes output from the serial port and sends it over the network.

2 Download Instructions

Download it here : net2tty.tar.gz

Untar it, and type make.

2.1 Building on RedHat 6.0

In asy.c, before the #include <termios.h>, insert a line #define __USE_MISC

I haven't tested that the code works after doing this, but it compiles.

3 Running it

net2tty on its own with no options will give this help screen:

net2tty - a simple network <-> RS232 bridge
(C) 1999 Matt J. Gumbley
  net2tty [options]
  -b  Set port speed.  is 300 to 115200 [9600]
  -d Set tty device.  is like /dev/ttyS0.
             Default is /dev/ttyS0.
  -h   Set host to connect to; name or IP address
             Default is localhost.
  -p   Set port to connect to; numeric only
  -v         Enable verbose operation
  -a         Animate a spinner on stderr when data is received.
             Useful when redirecting to a file to see that
             something is happening.
Options -b, -h and -p are mandatory.
Example: net2tty -b9600 -d/dev/ttyS1 -hlocalhost -p25
This will route your SMTP connection over the serial line.
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