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The Crypt of Old Software Projects

I've worked on lots of spare-time software projects, some of which progress well, albeit slowly, some of which are merely experiments. Many of them don't get finished, because I run out of interest for them, or time.

Rather than delete them, they go here, in the Crypt of Old Software Projects.

I don't usually go back to work on any of these, and may not answer much mail about them. If you think one of these is suitable for awakening from its decayed, zombie state, drop me a line. I may even answer.

Linux / UNIX projects

QtGantt, a project I took over after it had stalled, stalled again due to lack of time to do it justice.

I believe that "MrProject" is a very capable open source project planning package.

Psion Projects

Lots of projects for the Psion Series 3 systems started, some even got 90% finished, then died. Here they are. The Overview document describes why they started. Ah, such youthful enthusiasm to change the world, now sadly tempered by the strains of modern living (and hatred of DOS-based development environments).

Alas, my magnum opus (or should that be magnificent octopus?):

PsiStack F.A.Q.
PsiStack Clients
Owner's Manual
Tech. Guide
SDK Reference
Mailing lists
Official pages

Woe, for another worthy project to be buried here is: Psion-bcc

One from the "Anything you can do, I can do (but not necessarily better)" department: PsiXZX
A Spectrum Emulator for the Series 3. I can't release this because I'd infringe the wishes of the original author of XZX. (You really wouldn't want to run this, it's waaay too slow to be useful. But it proves the point.)

And all my other SIBO Stuff...

Email3, an Advanced Email Client for SIBO
Porting hForth to SIBO - which needed the console code finishing, but I lost interest, but picked up a Series 5, so see the EPOC Version...
Linux on SIBO (inc. the possibilities of writing a SIBO hardware emulator for Linux)

And some Linux stuff, related to the Psion...

linux-ncp - this started off as my own PLP/NCP/RFSV stack, but then Philip Proudman released his plp, and Fritz Elfert released his plptools, and so I've abandoned this project, and am now working on extending plptools. The only part of my project I might have carried on with is integrating the SIBO Link Protocols into the Linux Kernel...

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