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Welcome to my home page... here you'll find a little about me, my family history, the projects and work I'm involved in, what I do in my spare time, etc.

The purpose of this website is mainly for me to distribute various small pieces of software I have developed. I'm an advocate of Open Source software development, so there's a fair amount of source code here. My recent larger works since 2009 are to be found on my main site,

If you're interested in me personally, you might want to read my family history page, this isn't kept up-to-date at all, though.. I'm currently working for Resilient Networks plc, working in Java, C++, Python and Perl.

On to the software then. My current interests involve peer-to-peer networking, and for this, you're better off heading over to Former interests were Linux internals, particularly device and filesystem drivers, Palm OS programming, anything related to the internet and its protocols, and cryptography.

Look through the links on the left to look at my earlier finished projects, and check out The Crypt to see all the stuff that didn't get finished, and therefore, abandoned.

This site is updated infrequently; for more timely postings (!), surf on over to my blog, On the Edge of Occam's Razor, and for details of the projects I'm working on now, see

Have the appropriate amount of fun!

Contacting Me...
I read my email rarely; please do not expect an immediate response; my address is shown below. Better luck can be found on Twitter, where I'm @mattgumbley. An email contact form can be found at Oh, and if you're an agency, please note that due to being inundated by drivel from some of the less, ah, cerebral of your trade, The Hollywood Principle applies: don't call me, I'll call you.

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